Humiliating a Guy

Hi everybody and welcome to our brand new hey little dick update! They say that chicks love only the guys with extra large cocks, but what you didn’t knew is that they also like guys with small tools. Or, at least, they are intrigued by them and they like to have fun with them as much as possible. Sometimes, you don’t need a super large cock to meet the needs of a babe. You should see this amazing movie, and these sexy models having the time of their lives with a guy who happens to have a tiny tool for them.


At first they were shocked when they have seen this handsome guy’s cock, because they didn’t expect it to be so small. They humiliated him for a while, until they felt more and more horny and needy, so they started to play with that tool, they started to shake it and jerk it off, until it got a little bit bigger than before. But be careful, cause you will be surprised to discover some interesting things if you will watch the entire heylittledick video, so stay tuned to discover what kind of surprise we have for you! It’s totally worthy!

Check out these babes playing with a small cock!